Saturday, November 25, 2006

what a wonderful baby....

Hi Guys,

Bill and I just wanted to tell you guys that our son William Matthew Jhun, is looking GREAT and he's terrific,Wonderful..... Right now he weights 6.4 klgs. and he just turn 2 months old and I guess for a Filipino size it's a 6 months old baby.. :) but anyway, at least he is very much HEALTHY and very Quiet...I don't know if he will change as He will grow older......

Anyway, How are you Guys....We never heard anyone from you all...Hope everybody is fine.....

God Bless....

Joy and Bill and Matthew Taylor.....

Thursday, September 21, 2006



William Matthew Jhun arrived safely on the 15th at 10.42 local time (that’s 10.42 pm EST).

He weighed into the world at 7 pounds 4 ounces (if you want it in kilos its 3.2 Kgs).

Both he and Joy are fine and doing well.

I was just about to start a series of business calls early on Friday morning, had my
computer cranked up and was ready to make my first call in about 1 minute. Joy
walks up and said “lets go”, I said “you mean the hospital?” she said “yes” and no I
did not say “can you wait until I finish my calls”.

That was at 6.45 am; we were at the hospital by 7.15 and checked in. I sat around
in the private room with Joy’s Mom and Dad waiting for news and of course nobody
says anything to us. (It works differently over here). About 11 am the phone rings
and the person says the doctor wants to see you down in the delivery room.

They did not say, “Babies here!” or anything. So I found my way there and our
doctor comes out and said congratulations and tells me I am a dad and that both
Joy and the baby are fine. Did not see Joy until Noon when they brought her up to
the private room. No baby? Right no baby. Anyway I eventually got to see him at
4 pm through an observation window. He looked great and was actually fine all the
time, it’s just here they keep them under observation for several hours.

Anyway finally got to meet him at about 11.45 pm when they brought him up to
the room. He is great and everyone says how handsome he is because he has
my nose. If he is good looking it will come from Joy, but as you know looks are
a very superficial part of what make a person who they are.

So far it’s been great and fun and a moment by moment learning experience for
the three of us.

Joy’s family has been great and very helpful. Her sisters stayed at the hospital
overnight with me and Joy to help out with the baby. Joy’s Mom and dad are
there whenever they are needed or their advise is sought, but are not intrusive.

Will keep you updated on things and send you some photographs when we get
some ready.

All the best for now.


Thursday, March 02, 2006


This is the most memorable moment in my entire life...and thanks Lord,God Almighty for all the Blessings that you've shower upon Me and Bill and to my Family as well....and to my family friends and my personal friends and Bill's personal friends....Thanks for all the prayers...Thanks to all of you..............!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

At Last I'm Married to my one and only LOVE.......

Hi Friends,

Joy here, I just want to tell you all that I'm happy and I feel wonderfull and great coz at last I'm already married to the man whom I truelly Love and Care so much....How I wish friends we could be together soon and enjoy each moment together as I'm already married...Anyway,Bill and I misses all of you and hope all of you could have time to post in here..take care Guys and Talk soon........ GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

Joy Taylor

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What is going on GUYS?

Hi Guys,

Hello!!!! What's going on? We haven't hear anyone from you guys....I just want to tell you guys that our wedding will be on the 15th of this month...Hope you can have a time to say something.....

God Bless and Best wishes,


Monday, January 09, 2006

There are no bankrupt boys and babes!

Hi again guys:

Just doing a little more work here, would rather be playing on the beach with you guys, but somebody has to save all of these poor people that have debt problem from their nasty creditors who want to take their first born children away. (At least that is how bad some of the creditors makes it sound).

That type of pressure is what causes many people to file bankruptcy when often if they called us we could resolve all their debt issues through utilizing debt settlement techniques.

Next time we are together and you want to go to sleep I will tell you all about it while drinking a beer.



Sunday, January 08, 2006

Our best wishes to you all and more

Hi Guys:

Its Bill and Joy.

Just wanting to wish you all the best that the world has to offer! We will try and do our part to make sure we are there to share it with you!

Vera, great job with your New Years post - Thank you so much! As it was also my birthday (Bill) I certainly enjoyed it here in the Philippines with my lovely Joy and her family.

Please excuse me as I am going to use a little of this post to do a couple of technical things for one of my businesses - so just scan through that stuff and get to the interesting stuff.

The home page to our Debt Settlement site is great and can be seen here. Our business is about helping people to get out of debt the best way possible. There are many aspects to this as there are certainly lots of scams and incorrect things to try and settle debt problems. Read our site throughout if you really want to understand your solutions to your debt issues - certainly in North America!

The best way after our home page to find out what our debt help site is all about is to visit our Debt Settlement Site Map page which will allow you to see at a glance what pages are already on our site to help people get out of debt. We add to them on a regular basis because debt issues are an ongonig concern to many people. Especially at this time of year when many of us have overspent our Credit Cards and need help to get out of our credit card debt.

If you are in a rush to solve your credit card debt problems - which many people are! - you can simply go straight to our quick debt resolutions page which will tell you in under 3 minutes how to resolve your debt issues the best way and beat off your creditor calls with a big stick - Us!

If you decide that the methods we suggest to resolve your debt problems are better than going bankrupt, losing your home or letting your creditors bleed you more, then you can go to our page about the Debt Settlement process that describes it in detail.

And so back to the party people from Boracay!

Vera, David and Eleen we look forward to being with and seeing again soon as discussed in the various emails and cell phones messages and chats between us. Skype RULES Vera and you sound just as good on there as you do in person! We should get David and Eleen on that too if they are not already.

Jens, we even think about you from time to time (mainly when we are eating)!

Anyway enough for now keep having lots of fun, we are going to make the revised wedding arrangements in the next few days - I think they still include both of us - and will let you know the new times.

Love and Kisses from Cebu

Bill and Joy (Honey and Baby)