Thursday, September 21, 2006



William Matthew Jhun arrived safely on the 15th at 10.42 local time (that’s 10.42 pm EST).

He weighed into the world at 7 pounds 4 ounces (if you want it in kilos its 3.2 Kgs).

Both he and Joy are fine and doing well.

I was just about to start a series of business calls early on Friday morning, had my
computer cranked up and was ready to make my first call in about 1 minute. Joy
walks up and said “lets go”, I said “you mean the hospital?” she said “yes” and no I
did not say “can you wait until I finish my calls”.

That was at 6.45 am; we were at the hospital by 7.15 and checked in. I sat around
in the private room with Joy’s Mom and Dad waiting for news and of course nobody
says anything to us. (It works differently over here). About 11 am the phone rings
and the person says the doctor wants to see you down in the delivery room.

They did not say, “Babies here!” or anything. So I found my way there and our
doctor comes out and said congratulations and tells me I am a dad and that both
Joy and the baby are fine. Did not see Joy until Noon when they brought her up to
the private room. No baby? Right no baby. Anyway I eventually got to see him at
4 pm through an observation window. He looked great and was actually fine all the
time, it’s just here they keep them under observation for several hours.

Anyway finally got to meet him at about 11.45 pm when they brought him up to
the room. He is great and everyone says how handsome he is because he has
my nose. If he is good looking it will come from Joy, but as you know looks are
a very superficial part of what make a person who they are.

So far it’s been great and fun and a moment by moment learning experience for
the three of us.

Joy’s family has been great and very helpful. Her sisters stayed at the hospital
overnight with me and Joy to help out with the baby. Joy’s Mom and dad are
there whenever they are needed or their advise is sought, but are not intrusive.

Will keep you updated on things and send you some photographs when we get
some ready.

All the best for now.



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