Sunday, January 08, 2006

Our best wishes to you all and more

Hi Guys:

Its Bill and Joy.

Just wanting to wish you all the best that the world has to offer! We will try and do our part to make sure we are there to share it with you!

Vera, great job with your New Years post - Thank you so much! As it was also my birthday (Bill) I certainly enjoyed it here in the Philippines with my lovely Joy and her family.

Please excuse me as I am going to use a little of this post to do a couple of technical things for one of my businesses - so just scan through that stuff and get to the interesting stuff.

The home page to our Debt Settlement site is great and can be seen here. Our business is about helping people to get out of debt the best way possible. There are many aspects to this as there are certainly lots of scams and incorrect things to try and settle debt problems. Read our site throughout if you really want to understand your solutions to your debt issues - certainly in North America!

The best way after our home page to find out what our debt help site is all about is to visit our Debt Settlement Site Map page which will allow you to see at a glance what pages are already on our site to help people get out of debt. We add to them on a regular basis because debt issues are an ongonig concern to many people. Especially at this time of year when many of us have overspent our Credit Cards and need help to get out of our credit card debt.

If you are in a rush to solve your credit card debt problems - which many people are! - you can simply go straight to our quick debt resolutions page which will tell you in under 3 minutes how to resolve your debt issues the best way and beat off your creditor calls with a big stick - Us!

If you decide that the methods we suggest to resolve your debt problems are better than going bankrupt, losing your home or letting your creditors bleed you more, then you can go to our page about the Debt Settlement process that describes it in detail.

And so back to the party people from Boracay!

Vera, David and Eleen we look forward to being with and seeing again soon as discussed in the various emails and cell phones messages and chats between us. Skype RULES Vera and you sound just as good on there as you do in person! We should get David and Eleen on that too if they are not already.

Jens, we even think about you from time to time (mainly when we are eating)!

Anyway enough for now keep having lots of fun, we are going to make the revised wedding arrangements in the next few days - I think they still include both of us - and will let you know the new times.

Love and Kisses from Cebu

Bill and Joy (Honey and Baby)


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