Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello From David

Hello Bill Joy Jens Vera & my loving Ilen

How are you all ? Well I am back in Australia working very hard I will be back in Shanghai on the 8th December for about 1 week then HK i think not confirmed as yet !! I hope to go to Cabu for Bills & Joys Wedding and of course take my Ilen I hope Jens & Vera you guys can make it I will know more soon all I can say I am so lucky to meet you all as we are all great friends Thank you Bill for setting up this website , check this out my Ilen knew that I was going to be in transit in Singapore for 5 hrs so she arranged to fly to Singapore just to meet me so I had to re-arrange my scedule to stay with her I look at this if she has made such a great effort to be their for me I can also do the same so I stayed 2 days with her and I had to go back to Australia I love my stunning girl Ilen so much XXX she also calls me every day what do you think I am the luckest man in the world to have her !! so guys we need to post information on this website all the time to stay intouch with other , My Business in Shanghai is going so well I will send you emails on the progress soon it will be HUGH i can't wait to teel you all about it , Well Boracay what a great time we all had there Arnel sends me emails just to say hello thats great ! Vera ( Vocka u Want ) thank you for the photo's what happened to the stripping ones Ha!!! I will post some phopes of Ilen & Me having a Pizza fight it was so funny their was pizza everywhere on the walls bed in her hair her & my face the room was a hugh mess !! I will sign off My Love to you all talk to you soon The Ladder Man / The Night Hunter

Monday, October 24, 2005

Your Love is the Best Gift of All

If anybody ever wonder why I am marrying Joy then all you need to read is the following card she sent me before we met - with the above title.

If ever you're trying to find
just the right gift
to give me,
remember this -
you have already given me all
that I could ever want in life...

Our moments shared,
the hopes and dreams we hold so dear,
and our love
are all gifts beyond compare.

I need nothing more than
the happiness that we have
already discovered together,
the realtionship we have built,
and just having you in my life.

But if you reaaly want to give me
a gift that I will always cherish,
something that means more to me
than anything else ever could,
all you have to do is
take me in your arms,
hold me tightly,
and tell me you love me.

As long as I have you and our love,
I will have all that I could ever want
for the rest of my life.

- Deanne Laura Gilbert

Until we are married, I have go to sleep some nights without my love, I then read this verse and remember what an incrediblely lucky guy I am to have found someone so wonderful to be in my life. Not only that, but find that we are a great match and want to really really be together forever and that we will get married to make sure that can happen.

When I am with my love I do not need the verse because I have everything I need in life right there with me in my arms.

Thank you Jesus and our Lord in Heaven above for sending me this woman. I do not know what I have done to deserve her, but I will make sure your trust is rewarded and that I build the closest thing to heaven for her right here on earth.

I love you Joy more than I can say here and in simple words.

Your Bill XXX

PS: and for the other four of you - I love you too - just differently.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Check your mail box!

There is something exciting for you.... Only album members have access to pictures, so don't worry...


Hi From the Songstress

Hi Guys and Gals:

This is Joy writing here (it's really Bill, because Joy has exhausted herself singing karioke love songs to me tonight ;-)

So if a bit of masculine creeps into the writings of a very feminine lady then its just the typist not the author.

We saw a Nicholas Cage movie today in Cebu that looked as though it was going to be lots of action, which we both like (Master of Distruction or something like that). So it turned out to be an interesting movie about someone who is a sells guns to different people for war. Not much action, but it had some good points and Bill liked it, I nearly fell to sleep.

Yes I did sing Karioke love songs to my Bill tonight and he has learned what a wonderful singing voice I have ;-) It's his turn next he just does not know it yet!

Talked a lot more about the wedding today. We did go to the wedding planner and were not paticulary impressed. So we think we will just have a small civil wedding for immediate family and good friends who we really want to be there, rather than people you just feel you "should" invite. So all you guys are of course invited! If you cannot make it don't worry we still love you because we realize it is fairly short notice and a difficult time of year as well with Christmas being right on top of it.

We will of course keep you apprised, and hopefully not bore you too much with a few of the details. You will also get some photos by email and we will post a few here too.

That's enough for tonight as we are going up to our room to watch Maulin Rauge in a few minutes. Probably take about 3 days to watch it due to interruptions ;-)

More soon.

Joyful Joy

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hi from Oslo!!!

Hi everyone !!!

I am very very happy to here from you guys :-) Thanks for funny days and crazy nights we spend together at lovley island. Tahnk you Bill for giving us this privelige to have our own pages.

After 30 hours traveling we are back to Scandinavia. I left Jens at Copenhagen airport and went to Oslo by my selv. Nobody was waiting for me home.. sad and unusual... :-( and I decide to take a brake. I was slipping only for 16 hours. After that I was talking to my friends may be in 24 hours about Boracay. And now... I am back to my office again... and again the days will be exactly the same. I missing you all. I missing our sunny-funny days in Phillipines. I terrably missing my Jens.

It's raining a lot here and 12C (what a nice surprice !!!) I thing I have to go back to Boracay soon ...

I start to work with my pictures. They need be sorted. for sure. as everyone can understand :-) i will pick up "top ten" and I promisse publish they as soon I can. It is a lot to do at job. I was gone for 3 weeks. mail box is FULL. And every one like to know how was my vacation, where I have been and what did I do and masse bla bla bla

What happend to David!? He just disappear in the air. Long time no see...

Hugs from Oslo.

Beautiful babes

Hi Guys:

Glad everybody is back safe to their homes.

Joy and I heard from the lovely Vera today and she was nice enough to send us a photograph of the girls starting to "warm up" on the beach. Which I have posted here so I can lick the screen occasionally.

All I can say is "Wow" are we ever lucky guys!

Joy has just gone shopping with her mom so I better get back to making some money on the internet to pay for it.

Chat soon.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Passing the time

Hi Guys:

I am just taking a few minutes to write a little more while I am watching Joy having a pedicure and a manicure.

Tonight we go out with the family for her sisters ringhop.

Bought a new TV last night - to cover the sounds we are making at night here ;-)

Hope you are all having fun.

Off to see the "wedding planner" this week - I hope they are better than the movie!

The two love birds from Cebu

Bill & Joy

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How to use this blog

Hi Dave, Eileen, Jens and Vera:

I thought I would spend a couple of minutes giving you some guidelines on how to use and add to this blog. If you are already familiar with blogging then just ignore these comments.

I will send you the Signon and password by email today as well as the URL for the blog.

All you do is post the URL into the address line of your browser and click Enter. That will take you to the blog where you will be reading this message.

All messages are posted in latest date order. If you scroll down you will see Joy did a posting yesterday and then I did one when I set up this blog to start with.

Remember anything you say here can be seen by the world, whether they are interested in what we have to say is another matter.

You will see at the bottom of each posting that someone can add a "comment" to that posting. If you want to do this just click on the "comment" button and you can add a comment about that particular posting.

When you have read what Joy and I have put so far and are ready to add your own posting simply click on the button on the Right Hand Side (RHS) that says "I Power Blogger".

That will take you to a page where at the top you can enter the Signon and Password once you do that you will be taken to a page where it says "DASHBOARD".

Underneath that it will say "Boys and their Babes in Boracay" this is a link if you click on it then you are taken to the blog.

Next to that you will see a green button that says "New Post" click on that and you will be taken to a page which allows you to enter a title for your posting and then a box to enter your posting.

I will assume for now you are all familiar with word processing and do not need me to explain it. If you do then please just post a comment to this posting and I will do my best to help.

Between the Title box and the Comments box you will see many options on what you can do. These range from font size and color to and links and pictures etc.

Experiment as you wish you can do not harm.

Each blog may be as short or as long as you wish.

Once you have finished your posting click the "Preview" link at top right and you can review your posting, then click "hide preview" and it will bring you back to here.

Once you are ready to actually post your blog then scroll down to the bottom and click "Publish Post" and your blog will be posted to our blog on the internet.

I am posting link here to one of my web sites Easy Debt Settlement so you can see how the link works and looks and see if there is anything you want to link to, maybe our hotel web site for instance.

Enjoy and have fun Joy and I will be in touch soon.

Your friend


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

hey people! we have a great time in Boracay........

our stay in boracay for one week is worth it...i and my husband Bill have a lots of fun

there with our new met friends namely: David and Eillen,Jens and is so great to

meet people from all over the world but we need to be carefull though so that we will not feel

any regrets in the future...! anyway, these two pair of friends that we met is great it's just that

they are a good drinker but it's fine with us coz they are nice and great people...and we love and

respect them..sooooo so much for that...all i can say,boracay is great if you have you're loved one

with you...walk along the beach,go snorkling,island hopping,jet ski and etc....well,everybody

knows that Boracay is the tourist spot of the Philippines so therefore,we are planning to be there

again in the middle of Dec...for our honeymoon......! anyway, there is too much words that i could

never forget that my husband Bill says,Fuckin Shit Boracay...but then,he is enjoying there..Oh

man...Jee.....! but it's fine coz if i will say that i will remind him,he will laugh and laugh and therefore,he is really enjoying what i said.......

so much for now and lots more in next few days.......

joy taylor

Monday, October 03, 2005

The first Blog for the boys and babes of boracay

This first blog is written by Bill and Joy and will be added to by David and Eileen and also Jens and Vera.

Bill is from Ontario, Canada and Joy is from Cebu, Philippines they are in love and getting married on December 18, 2005 in Cebu.

Bill and Joy met on the internet and talked for several months by phone and on internet chat before deciding that they were very compatable in everything they wanted in a partner for life.

They met in Cebu and then went to Boracay. They confirmed their love and respect for each other and arranged to marry on December 18th.

More about Bill and Joy in our next post here, we will also add some photographs and other memorabilia over a period of time.

Bills nickname is "Honey" or "Loin Licker" and Joys is "Wow" or "You'll never get me on a Jet Ski"!

On the very first day in Boracay they met David and Eileen and became almost instant friends.

David is from Australia and Eileen is from Quezon, Philippines.

Davids nickname is "Night Hunter" or "The Ladder Man" , Eileen goes by the nickname "Tequila Terminator" or "The Stripper"!

David and Eileen met Jens and Vera and introduced them to Bill and Joy and the six became fast friends and enjoyed each others company for the duration of their stay. They all intend to keep in touch often and see each other again on a regular basis.

Jens is from Denmark otherwise known of course as "The Viking" or "I've never seen a meal I could not finish"!

Vera is a Russian beauty nicknamed "Vodka you want?" or "I'll show you mine if you show me yours'!

David and Eileen together with Jens and Vera will be adding their thoughts and photos and memorabelia here too as they find the time.

Bill and Joy send their love to you all and wish you a safe journey to your respective homes. May you all have as much happiness and love as we are experiencing ourselves.