Tuesday, October 04, 2005

hey people! we have a great time in Boracay........

our stay in boracay for one week is worth it...i and my husband Bill have a lots of fun

there with our new met friends namely: David and Eillen,Jens and Vera.....it is so great to

meet people from all over the world but we need to be carefull though so that we will not feel

any regrets in the future...! anyway, these two pair of friends that we met is great it's just that

they are a good drinker but it's fine with us coz they are nice and great people...and we love and

respect them..sooooo so much for that...all i can say,boracay is great if you have you're loved one

with you...walk along the beach,go snorkling,island hopping,jet ski and etc....well,everybody

knows that Boracay is the tourist spot of the Philippines so therefore,we are planning to be there

again in the middle of Dec...for our honeymoon......! anyway, there is too much words that i could

never forget that my husband Bill says,Fuckin Shit Boracay...but then,he is enjoying there..Oh

man...Jee.....! but it's fine coz if i will say that i will remind him,he will laugh and laugh and

laugh...so therefore,he is really enjoying what i said.......

so much for now and lots more in next few days.......

joy taylor


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