Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How to use this blog

Hi Dave, Eileen, Jens and Vera:

I thought I would spend a couple of minutes giving you some guidelines on how to use and add to this blog. If you are already familiar with blogging then just ignore these comments.

I will send you the Signon and password by email today as well as the URL for the blog.

All you do is post the URL into the address line of your browser and click Enter. That will take you to the blog where you will be reading this message.

All messages are posted in latest date order. If you scroll down you will see Joy did a posting yesterday and then I did one when I set up this blog to start with.

Remember anything you say here can be seen by the world, whether they are interested in what we have to say is another matter.

You will see at the bottom of each posting that someone can add a "comment" to that posting. If you want to do this just click on the "comment" button and you can add a comment about that particular posting.

When you have read what Joy and I have put so far and are ready to add your own posting simply click on the button on the Right Hand Side (RHS) that says "I Power Blogger".

That will take you to a page where at the top you can enter the Signon and Password once you do that you will be taken to a page where it says "DASHBOARD".

Underneath that it will say "Boys and their Babes in Boracay" this is a link if you click on it then you are taken to the blog.

Next to that you will see a green button that says "New Post" click on that and you will be taken to a page which allows you to enter a title for your posting and then a box to enter your posting.

I will assume for now you are all familiar with word processing and do not need me to explain it. If you do then please just post a comment to this posting and I will do my best to help.

Between the Title box and the Comments box you will see many options on what you can do. These range from font size and color to and links and pictures etc.

Experiment as you wish you can do not harm.

Each blog may be as short or as long as you wish.

Once you have finished your posting click the "Preview" link at top right and you can review your posting, then click "hide preview" and it will bring you back to here.

Once you are ready to actually post your blog then scroll down to the bottom and click "Publish Post" and your blog will be posted to our blog on the internet.

I am posting link here to one of my web sites Easy Debt Settlement so you can see how the link works and looks and see if there is anything you want to link to, maybe our hotel web site for instance.

Enjoy and have fun Joy and I will be in touch soon.

Your friend



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