Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To all my friends here on the Blog,Vera and Jens....David and Aileen.....

I just want to share with you Guys what My Honey Bill sent me and I'm soooo happy with this email that he sent to me...

Honey Bill,

Thank you for this email that you sent to me,this email touches me a lot and I love you sooo much...I will be here for you to LOVE,SUPPORT and CARE you forever...I love you soooooooooo much Honey and you will be here next week...and I'm soooooo happy coz we will be together again..I love you honey and you take care always..

Mrs Taylor

November 13, 2005

To my darling and wonderful Joy Canumay Taylor – the girl of and in my dreams!

This is a letter to the most wonderful person I have ever met – anywhere!

I am writing this now in the peace and quiet of my office in Canada a week before I am leaving to meet this beautiful and terrific creature once again.

Later this year we are to be married and begin our lives together through this amazing but troubled world.

Nothing will ever part me from this great person who I have chosen to marry and who has been gracious enough to accept me into her life.

Since meeting my wonderful lady Joy on the internet I have grown to love and admire everything about her. I count myself amongst the luckiest people alive on the planet today. I do not care if you are a rock star or a film star, a politician or just simply born lucky with lots of mom and dads money which you inherited – you have no greater blessing than I have with my Joy.

I would not exchange her for all the money on the planet or all the most beautiful siren goddesses in the world. All of that would be meaningless to me without my Joy.

She is funny and happy and makes my heart sing all day even when I am not with her. To know her as a friend is a terrific and wonderful experience for anyone. To be lucky enough to be loved and chosen by this incredible creature that god has put here is the crossing of Ecstasy and Heaven all wrapped up in one great package called Joy.

Each day my love for her has grown more and more, in addition to respecting and admiring everything about her. Each day I think my heart is so full there is no room for more love. Each day she proves me wrong.

If this lady decides that she will give me the honour of having my children, I know they will have one of the best mothers ever created.

I swear by all that is important to me and on my mother and father and in front of God and his son Jesus that I will do all in my power to love, honour and make happy this most beautiful person that you have bought into my life.

Thank you for everything that you are my Joy, you make every day a very special day.

All of my love forever, for eternity.

You’re Bill XXXXX