Sunday, November 13, 2005

Honey......Thank you sooo much


Thank you sooo much for everything...Thank you sooo much....I love you honey and I know you know that coz I can feel it..Honey we will be happy forever even without the money..I did not LOVE you just because of money and some material things..I love you coz you are Great and Wonderfull and above all you Respect are a great person inside and out, and you have good heart...material things and Money are nothing if you are not happy and Inlove....the most important thing honey is our Love,Care,Respect and Understanding..I adore you soooo much and you are a good Model to everybody..Honey,again thank you and I love you..see you next week here in our home in Cebu..I love you honey.......

Loving you always,

Mrs Joy Taylor


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