Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hi from Oslo!!!

Hi everyone !!!

I am very very happy to here from you guys :-) Thanks for funny days and crazy nights we spend together at lovley island. Tahnk you Bill for giving us this privelige to have our own pages.

After 30 hours traveling we are back to Scandinavia. I left Jens at Copenhagen airport and went to Oslo by my selv. Nobody was waiting for me home.. sad and unusual... :-( and I decide to take a brake. I was slipping only for 16 hours. After that I was talking to my friends may be in 24 hours about Boracay. And now... I am back to my office again... and again the days will be exactly the same. I missing you all. I missing our sunny-funny days in Phillipines. I terrably missing my Jens.

It's raining a lot here and 12C (what a nice surprice !!!) I thing I have to go back to Boracay soon ...

I start to work with my pictures. They need be sorted. for sure. as everyone can understand :-) i will pick up "top ten" and I promisse publish they as soon I can. It is a lot to do at job. I was gone for 3 weeks. mail box is FULL. And every one like to know how was my vacation, where I have been and what did I do and masse bla bla bla

What happend to David!? He just disappear in the air. Long time no see...

Hugs from Oslo.


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At 6:53 AM, Blogger Bill & Joy said...

Hi Vera:

Joy and Bill here just catching up with things. Thanks for the picture you girls look great! We look forward to the "Top 10".
I will send you an overcoat from Canada when I return there next week. I don't need it anymore as I have Joy. Hope you catch up with your work soon. I am facing the same challenge with my business as I will have been away a month. Joy is now planning the wedding and that will keep her pretty busy.
Try and be here if you can on December 18th for the wedding we would love to see you. If not we will be in touch anyway.
Yes we are wondering what happened to David too! I had a bunch of business emails off him shortly after we left and then nothing. Perhaps he is catching up with business too. I am sure he will come back to us soon.
Joy and Eileen have been texting each other regularly, so theyu are keeping up to date.
Your friends Joy and Bill


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