Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hi From the Songstress

Hi Guys and Gals:

This is Joy writing here (it's really Bill, because Joy has exhausted herself singing karioke love songs to me tonight ;-)

So if a bit of masculine creeps into the writings of a very feminine lady then its just the typist not the author.

We saw a Nicholas Cage movie today in Cebu that looked as though it was going to be lots of action, which we both like (Master of Distruction or something like that). So it turned out to be an interesting movie about someone who is a sells guns to different people for war. Not much action, but it had some good points and Bill liked it, I nearly fell to sleep.

Yes I did sing Karioke love songs to my Bill tonight and he has learned what a wonderful singing voice I have ;-) It's his turn next he just does not know it yet!

Talked a lot more about the wedding today. We did go to the wedding planner and were not paticulary impressed. So we think we will just have a small civil wedding for immediate family and good friends who we really want to be there, rather than people you just feel you "should" invite. So all you guys are of course invited! If you cannot make it don't worry we still love you because we realize it is fairly short notice and a difficult time of year as well with Christmas being right on top of it.

We will of course keep you apprised, and hopefully not bore you too much with a few of the details. You will also get some photos by email and we will post a few here too.

That's enough for tonight as we are going up to our room to watch Maulin Rauge in a few minutes. Probably take about 3 days to watch it due to interruptions ;-)

More soon.

Joyful Joy


At 8:03 AM, Blogger topgone said...

Mmmmm let me guess! would that be playing hide in go seek under the blankie??? LOL!
This is billy's best man here! bob!

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Bill & Joy said...

Hi Bob,

This Joy,Bill's are you? I don't know when did you post your comment but I'm so glad you did..:) I'm looking forward in meeting you soon..and hope everything will be fine..I'm happy with your friend Bill and I love him sooo much and I can't wait him to be back again in my arms next month..He will be here early coz we need to prepare some wedding papers...Bob,I'm happy that you understand Bill and Me...and Thank you for being so nice to Bill and will be the Best man of Bill in our wedding and I'm glad that you are happy for us.Thank you Bob and Hope to hear you soon..

Bill's Fiancee,


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Bill & Joy said...

Dear Bob:

Of course and on top too.
See you tomorrow night (Friday) for a couple of beers.
Glad you can be there to be my best man because I am for sure marrying the best lady.



At 8:01 AM, Blogger bob macbean said...

Hi joy, Sorry but it's been a while since i got back into reading the comments into this website but been very busy man working and now preparing for my trip to the philippines! I just want to say joy that you are very lucky to have a man like bill taylor to be your husband just as i am very lucky to have him for my best friend! We get together very frequently for a few beers and chat about you, us and the world! oh an business to! Bill is a good man in my eyes and an honest man at that! I'm certian he will be a teriffic husband and father to you and to and future children you may have! When i seen bill for the first time since he went to cebu to meet you i could not beleive how young he looked and how happy he was for meeting you! I'm so happy for him and for you joy! Life can throw many different curves at us and we sometimes wonder why things happen the way they do! It is not without reason! god has plans for each and rvery one of us! yours and his was to meet each other and to be happy together as best friends and lovers! All i can say to you both is i support you both always! And joy it is my pleasure to be the best man of bill on your special day! i'm looking forward to meeting you in dec! take care, god bless! your friend, tito bob.


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