Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello From David

Hello Bill Joy Jens Vera & my loving Ilen

How are you all ? Well I am back in Australia working very hard I will be back in Shanghai on the 8th December for about 1 week then HK i think not confirmed as yet !! I hope to go to Cabu for Bills & Joys Wedding and of course take my Ilen I hope Jens & Vera you guys can make it I will know more soon all I can say I am so lucky to meet you all as we are all great friends Thank you Bill for setting up this website , check this out my Ilen knew that I was going to be in transit in Singapore for 5 hrs so she arranged to fly to Singapore just to meet me so I had to re-arrange my scedule to stay with her I look at this if she has made such a great effort to be their for me I can also do the same so I stayed 2 days with her and I had to go back to Australia I love my stunning girl Ilen so much XXX she also calls me every day what do you think I am the luckest man in the world to have her !! so guys we need to post information on this website all the time to stay intouch with other , My Business in Shanghai is going so well I will send you emails on the progress soon it will be HUGH i can't wait to teel you all about it , Well Boracay what a great time we all had there Arnel sends me emails just to say hello thats great ! Vera ( Vocka u Want ) thank you for the photo's what happened to the stripping ones Ha!!! I will post some phopes of Ilen & Me having a Pizza fight it was so funny their was pizza everywhere on the walls bed in her hair her & my face the room was a hugh mess !! I will sign off My Love to you all talk to you soon The Ladder Man / The Night Hunter


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